However huge our love for our pets is, we sometimes feel guilty of failing to feed them the right way. This guilt can make us offer frequent treats to our furry friends, which often results in poor feeding habits. If you want to streamline your cat’s feeding habits, you should consider reading A comprehensive guide from Cats Are On Top. There are many benefits of purchasing an automatic pet feeder. The most important of these benefits is that the feeder is convenient for both the pet and the owner. Your cat can eat whether you are home or out, and you can have a meow-free time in the house because the cat does not associate you with food anymore.

Factors to consider when buying an automatic cat feeder

1. Is the cat feeder customizable?asxaxaxascascscsc

Some automatic pet feeders use preset time intervals while others allow you to set the time of releasing food. This factor is of greater significance if your pet is on a diet. You can control the feeding habit of your cat by determining when it gets specific types of foods.

2. How active and aggressive is your cat?

If your little roommate is the Bengal, Siamese, or other aggressive breeds, you need a sturdy feeder. Otherwise, the cat will break in and eat to satisfaction. In other words, know the behavior of your cat when it’s searching for food.

3. The type of pet food (moist or dry) and if dry, the size of the pellets

Most of the pet feeders available in the market use dry food. Nevertheless, you can still find feeders that use moist food. If your cat feeds on dry food, it important to remember that the size of the pellets will influence your purchasing decision.

The technology used to make automatic pet feeders puts into consideration the size of pellets used to feed the pet. While some feeders can be adjusted manually to allow different sizes of food pass through, others work with specific sizes only. Before buying, make sure you know how your preferred feeder functions.

asxaxsfvgeszrgfest4. Is the automatic pet feeder made specifically for cats?

Cats and dogs are different in body form and feeding requirements. Therefore, there are specific models for cats only, and others can be used to feed both cats and dogs. Some sophisticated pet feeders are programmable, so each pet eats only its designated food. This feature is very helpful to homeowners who have many pets and don’t want to buy a feeder for each pet.

Other factors include the price and warranty of the automatic cat feeder. However, the price of the feeder should not make you compromise on the quality of the feeder. Notably, you would also want to look at customer reviews to see how other users comment about the feeder that you prefer. They might point out something that you had missed out in your considerations.