When renting an external meeting room for your business, the choice you make has a direct impact on the impression your business portrays to its partners and clients. You can Book your Meeting Room Here to enjoy excellent services. It is, therefore, imperative that your chosen venue meets your expectations, providing exceptional facilities and business services to ensure your business meeting runs smoothly.

Renting a meeting room


First impressions count and the decor of a meeting space are the firweqeqewqeqst thing partners and clients will see on arrival to your business meeting. Selecting a venue that portrays a professional image automatically puts your organization in a positive light, reinforcing your expertise and skill within your chosen industry.

Ideally, you will want your chosen meeting venue to be well maintained both inside and out, including the approach to the building. Decor should be fresh and inviting with no chipped paint or ripped carpets in sight. Meeting rooms should be clean and tidy with no rubbish on the show or no bad food smells left over from a previous meeting room booking.


All meeting rooms should be fully equipped with adequate furnishings that compliment the interior decoration; this, in turn, will help create a focused business environment. Meeting tables should be well-made and hard-wearing, and chairs should be comfortable and sturdy. Always check to ensure furniture is in perfect condition, wobbly tables and broken chairs are distractions you want to avoid during your business meeting.


Good lighting is a must for any business meeting. Poor lighting can not only make it difficult for participants to see important documentation, but it can also act as a de-motivating factor causing a loss in concentration.

If possible, you will want to find a meeting room that offers lots of natural light, if not a meeting room that has good lighting fixtures and fittings that you can adjust to your needs. You will want to avoid meeting venues that are dark and dreary as this can often create a discouraging business environment; something you do not want to associate with your business.


How many can I fit into a room? An important question as space is what you’re paying for. Careful consideration should be made when selecting meeting room size – too small and your delegates will be cramped together, too large and you end up paying for wasted space. Company budgets will limit the amount of meeting space that can be hired so these factors will have to be taken into account with cost considerations in mind.

Adjusting your meeting room configuration can help maximize space within a larger room. An auditorium layout will help you get the most delegates into your meeting space, whereas boardroom, horseshoe or classroom layouts will offer greater comfort to your attendees.


All professional meeting venues should be able to offer high-tech audio and visual conferencing solutions. Equipment such as air conditioning, flip chart and whiteboard with pens are also available, but be careful to read the small print as some providers will charge extra for the use of these smaller facilities.